Integrated davits

Welded on, hollow feet. Allows for cabling inside

Forward and aft tubes far apart to ensure stability

Polished corrosion resistant stainless steel

We produce and deliver customised, affordable and stylish arches for mounting solar panels on sailboats

As a sailor, you used to have two options, when looking to mount an arch on your sailboat to carry solar panels and most likely a dinghy on the stern:

  1. Buy a 100% standard product, which you then cut and drill in so it fits onto your boat. This can be relatively cheap, but is definitely not pretty, since often the material is aluminium, so "normal people" are able to cut and drill without problems. It doesn't look great when the other tubes on your boat are most likely polished stainless steel.

  2. Find a local blacksmith and ask them to make a one-off arch. That gives you maximum freedom to decide design (with the potential to mess it up, if you don't know what you are doing). This is always a VERY costly affair, as most one-off products are.

We have figured out a way to combine the best of both...


We have developed an advanced, yet simple process for our customers to perform the necessary measurements on their own sailboats, which we then use to finish a semi-standard product.

The result is a beautifully designed, structurally thought through stainless steel arch, optimised for carrying solar panels and a dinghy.

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