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About Us

Baltic Solar Arches is on a mission to make solar energy easily available for sailors at a reasonable cost. We want to do that, without “hurting” the overall appearance of our customer’s sailboats too much. Second after function, strength and durability, we care a lot about style and design aesthetics. The way our solar arches look is no coincidence. The design is carefully thought out, aiming at a harmonic and speedy look.


We embrace modern technology to help us fulfill our mission for our customers, using advanced modelling software and state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies. This is how we ensure a reliable outcome and keep our prices at a reasonable level.

Ship's Wheel

How it all began...

Baltic Solar Arches was founded in 2020 by Mikkel Kloster as a consequence of frustration.

A frustration that it seemed very difficult and overly expensive to acquire a solar arch for a sailboat. There were no decent looking standard products out there, and to engage in a design and manufacture project with a local blacksmith appeared to be very time consuming and pose a significant risk to the quality of the end product; in terms of appearance, strength and durability.

We decided that it was time for sailors around the world to have another option. We decided to build a standard product and a process around it, allowing sailors to purchase a thought-through and strongly built solar arch, which is then configured and customised to fit exactly their boat and their individual needs.


To keep our arches affordable, we built our process on the premise that our customers must be able to perform the required measuring of their own boat and also install the arch themselves.

During our first year, we experienced solid growth, and as a consequence, Lasse Pedersen joined the company in 2021 as a partner and owner, overseeing production, supply chain and logistics.

As we continue to serve our domestic market in Denmark, we are also in the process of scaling up production capacities allowing us to expand to the rest of northern Europe and then all of Europe within a couple of years beyond that.

Meet The Team

Mikkel no background 1.png

Mikkel Kloster

Founder & CEO


Lasse E K Pedersen

Co-Owner and COO

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