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Ofte stillede spørgsmål

Herunder finder du svar på de oftest stillede spørgsmål vi modtager fra vores kunder.

Du kan også se vores instruktionsvideoer for mere information om hvordan du kan montere targabøjlen og installere solpanelerne. Du finder videoerne her

  • Can I have a wind turbine on my solar arch?
    We can weld a wind turbine tube on the upper side tube of the solar arch. However, it is our experience that most of our customers are better served without, as a wind turbine will often cause shading of the solar panels and thus reduce their electrical output. Read here for an in-depth explanation. By the way, see here what one of our other customers is thinking about the question of wind turbine or no wind turbine. (Sorry, danish language only)
  • How much does a solar arch weigh?
    Our solar arches typically weigh 30-40 kg without solar panels, depending on boat type and size. Larger boat, larger arch. For example, a solar arch for a Beneteau Oceanis 43 weighs 36 kg.
  • How much power can I expect to produce?
    This is one of those questions that doesn’t have an exact answer, because it depends on many factors. On an average day (summer/winter, sun/rain) in Denmark you will be able to produce approx. 23 Ah / 100W solar panels and significantly more in the summer (12V system). In the Mediterranean approx. 37 Ah / 100W solar panels. Read more about this in the Technical corner.
  • How many solar panels does it take to be self-sufficient?
    Being self-sufficient depends as much on consumption as on production. Most of our customers experience being self-sufficient in Denmark during the summer. On large boats you can fit more solar panels than on small boats. On the other hand, large boats often have a larger consumption than smaller boats. More refrigerators, more navigation equipment, inverters, etc. Take a look at some examples of boats and their installations.
  • Can I get help to do the measuring?
    Yes you can. Call us or write an email. Our contact information can be found here. Then we will find a solution. Most of our customers carry out the measuring themselves, thereby keeping the total price down. We have developed a simple and clear process that makes it possible to measure your own boat. You will be using the equipment in our measuring kit, that we will send to you by post.
  • Can I get installation help?
    Yes you can. Call us or write an email. Our contact information can be found here. Then we will find a solution. Supported by our instructional videos, most of our customers are able to do the installation themselves. The feedback is that it is quite manageable. Watch our instructional videos here.
  • Is the pulley hoist system in the webshop compatible with my solar arch?
    The version of the pulley hoist systems you find in our webshop, is as a standard, made to fit Baltic Solar Arches standard eye/cleats placement. If you have a solar arch from another manufacturer or a Baltic Solar Arches product, with nonstandard eye/cleat placement, we can make a hoist system that works for you. Please contact us and we wil be happy to assist you.

Hvis du har andre spørgsmål eller ønsker yderligere information så kontakt os gerne.
Du finder vores kontaktoplysninger 

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