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Patrick Jacobsen

Boat: Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 42.1

Year: 1995

Marina: Egå, DK

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As part of our preparations to go on a multi-year trip as a family, we looked into the various options for electric power generation on our boat. We quickly concluded that solar power had to be part of the solution for us. As we did not feel we had the necessary experience to build our own solar arch, we contacted Baltic Solar Arches.

After some initial sparring about what would be the right solution for us, we decided to purchase a complete solar arch package.

Quickly thereafter, we received a very cool measuring kit with all the necessary tools and a well written and easy to follow step-by-step guide. The measuring itself took us a couple of hours and was rather straightforward, although we did need a short clarification call with Mikkel from Baltic Solar Arches - just to discuss a couple of questions we had.

About a week before the promised delivery date our arch was ready. We managed to complete the installation of the arch itself in about one day and it fits perfectly on our boat.

Throughout the entire process, from initial conversation all the way through installation, we felt well taken care of by the Baltic Solar Arches team. They even reached out to us several times just to check in with us. And we loved the weekly status email, letting us know how our solar arch was progressing through the production steps. All in all, a very positive experience.

Patrick Jacobsen

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