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Boat: Bavaria 36 Cruiser

Year: 2005

Marina: Skanör, Sweden


Thomas Veber

It is quite clear that Baltic Solar Arches have experience and know what they are talking about. They 100% understood my needs and desires and made a solar arch that fits perfectly to my boat and my requirements.

Everything is well thought out right from the start, e.g. welded eyes for attaching blocks. All cables are run inside the tubes so that no ugly cables are visible. No modifications needed after the assembly, because it just worked from the start.

I know others who have had to send their solar arch back to the blacksmith 4-5 times before it fit properly and they were happy with the result. Here, everything fit on the millimeter right from the start.

The experience that Baltic Solar Arches has with proportions in relation to the boat, angles, size and strength, I would never have been able to google or calculate myself.

The ability to place 600W of solar panels without them getting in the way, and in a way that actually looks stylish, is fantastic. We are completely self-sufficient in electricity and even make so much electricity that we can connect the water heater and also make hot water on solar energy. We have not had shore power connected since our arch was installed.

Thomas Veber

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